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Auditing v Coaching

As manager you are responsible for every communication your team sends out right? Well yes and no. It’s impossible for a manger to keep a check on everything his team is sending out or saying. The best a manager can do is actively listen in and check communication randomly. Problem is, there is a fine line between auditing and coaching. But is auditing your sales team really a bad thing? Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons. Pros of Auditing a) Track progress of training Trainings are good. Only problem is that they don’t always translate into execution. One way of making sure that your team is moving in the right direction is listening to calls and constantly reminding them of how they

Building a deck for your business reviews

Do you conduct periodic business reviews with your existing customers? If not, you might be missing out on a vital tool to further your Account Based Expansion (ABE) efforts. Before we dive into how you can build a value driven deck for your business reviews, let’s first understand the purpose of conducting a business review. A common mistake made by sales individuals is making a business review about a chance to up-sell products. Yes, the eventual outcome of conducting business reviews is that you will be on top of your customer’s needs but that does not mean it becomes a case of pushing your products. In a nutshell, the purpose is to offer value in your meetings and make sure your customer

Gamification for your sales team

The concept of gamification was introduced to motivate teams, measure deliverables and promote healthy competition. A quick search on the internet will reveal that technical support and customer care teams are loving gamification. Slowly but surely, sales teams too are moving to adopt gamification. If you are planning to gamify your sales team, here are a few pointers. Gamification is designed to help your team members meet their goals Gamification is not designed to help your team numbers or improve your sales. Gamification helps your team member’s skills by making them concentrate on the prize and also on metrics that matter. A direct ‘side effect’ of this will be increased sales and impro

4 mistakes that could ruin your call to action

Inbound marketing is primarily reliant on call to actions (CTAs). A well-designed CTA is your best bet at getting contextual leads. Of course, the first step is to make sure you are attracting the right people to your website by building buyer personas. However, there are some mistakes that might ruin your chances of getting those much-needed conversions. Here is a quick list of common mistakes you should check off immediately. Your CTA has no thank you page Not only does a CTA allow you to get a lead, it also allows you the opportunity to point your prospects to other useful parts of your website or even more CTAs. For example, the moment a website visitor downloads your e-book, you should

Are you missing out on your account management strategy?

When it comes to SaaS, nothing makes a company more money than 'expanding' existing customers. In a nutshell, the good old ‘Land and Expand’ is made for SaaS. Putting a concrete account based expansion (ABE) plan in place can be a mix of patience and careful planning. Before we discuss what could help you make a better ABE strategy, it is important to acknowledge that the product/service you are offering will play a vital role in shaping your ABE strategy. Your strategy will also be shaped by how many customers you have and how large your average account is. Here are 4 things you could be missing out on, that can help you get more out of your existing accounts. Business reviews Based on the

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