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Are you making these mistakes when qualifying prospects?

Qualification is an essential process of the inside sales cycle. Organisations invest millions in funding SDR (Sales Development Representative) teams that make sure only genuine leads get passed on to account executives. Despite the best training out there, SDRs are human and there are some mistakes that can make the task of an account executive difficult. If you don’t have an SDR structure and qualify your own prospects, it is equally important to get your qualification right. We have already spoken about building a business case in our earlier blog post and we recommend going through that to understand how to take a good qualification call. Getting dragged down to a feature level Your pro

4 things to do as a customer success leader

We wrote about 4 mistakes that customer success leaders commit when taking charge of a team or building a new one. You can read the blog post here. Here is the infographic.

4 mistakes to avoid when managing your customer success team

You finally figured out what you need from your customer success team, but figuring stuff out is just the beginning of the journey that is customer success. Everyone wants to jump on the customer success bandwagon but executing those strategies is the real battle. The definition of customer success is very broad and can mean anything from customer success managers doing expansion activities to people that work with account managers to help expand accounts. Whatever your organisation’s definition of customer success is, here are 4 mistakes customer success leaders can avoid when setting up customer success teams. Not investing in the right software for your customer success team To answer the

Are you missing out on these non-text marketing strategies?

Getting results from SEO can depend largely no how well written your content is. In addition, the success of your content also depends on how well you distribute that content. While there are plenty of well thought out strategies that go with text content, distributing your non-text content is equally important. If you don’t have non-text content, start today. The future is videos, podcasts and live streaming on your favorite social media platform. Here are 3 non-text content distribution strategies you can start working on today. Podcasts 40 percent of Americans age 12 or older have listened to a podcast at some point. The number of active podcasts listeners in America is now 67 million. Th

4 mistakes to avoid when picking keywords for Search Engine Optimization

If content is king, then the right keywords are the king's knights. Your website might be assigned to obscurity because you picked the wrong keywords for your SEO effort. Here are four mistakes you should avoid when choosing keywords for your SEO effort. Before we discuss this topic further, keep in mind your target audience (we hope you have already worked on building your customer persona in advance). #1: Blindly copying the competition Just because your competition picked a series of keywords for optimization does not mean you should go after the same keywords. Without a doubt, what your competition is doing is a good place to start. The problem with blindly following your competition is

How to find the right sales individual

Sales individuals have their unique traits and styles. There is no right or wrong way of selling, any technique that is getting results (ethically) is acceptable. So what is the right way to sell then? Should you as a interviewer discard the sales process completely? How do you figure out if a sales individual is right for your sales team? Here are 3 techniques that we feel can help you find the right sales individual for your sales team. Ask the sales individual to do a sales pitch of your product A lot of sales individuals will hate us for saying this, but organisations around the globe are now expecting sales individuals to do homework and then do a sales pitch of their products. This wil

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