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Planning on building a sales team? Read this first!

As founder of InsideSelling.org I had a chance to recently speak to Hubert from the team at SaleS AddA about my thoughts on building a sales team from scratch. The original blog article was published here. Hi Rajiv. Could you tell us about the various aspects with regards to building sales teams for SaaS(Software as a Service) companies? What: First off, let me start by saying that a company needs to have a level of maturity to understand what it means to have a sales team on board. A sales team is not going to come in and give you exponential growth overnight. It depends on your business model and the time of closure. You have to understand that this is a long term plan, and that's where th

How to get responses to your cold emails

The inbound method relies heavily on building an infrastructure that will allow your organisation to get a continuous stream of incoming leads. Having said that, there is always a case for using well written cold emails to generate incoming traffic to your website or better still get some much needed leads for your sales teams. The problem is, most emails usually end up in your prospect’s SPAM folder and only the very best will elicit a response. Here is how you can write emails that deliver value and get responses at the same time. Start with the subject of the email There is a great blog post on the various types of subject lines you can use to boost your open rate. The biggest reason why

5 metrics to measure your sales team's progress

Measuring a sales individual’s performance should be a simple task. All you need to do is generate a report that shows you who closed how much business. And viola! You have your top performer. Not completely true! How much business a sales individual closes is just one metric for measuring success. Ironically, most sales individuals are never really measured on all metrics that enable them to succeed. This means they may be closing business for you month in and month out but they never truly evolve as a sales individual. As a leader it is vital that you make sure that your team is not just measured on the right metrics but also get regular feedback based on the same metrics. Here are 5 key m

The 5 traits of successful sales individuals

Books have been written about the qualities of a great sales individual. People deliver and attend seminars on what makes a great sales individual. The crux of the matter is that if you remove the fluff and take away the fancy terms, there are exactly 5 qualities that define a great sales individual. There could be more, in fact we are confident that there are more than 5 traits. However, mastering the 5 traits mentioned below can help progress your career and make sure you excel at selling. Active Listening Everyone has heard the 80:20 rule but following this rule blindly does not make anyone a great listener. A great sales individual always pays attention to not just what is being said but

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