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Starting a Bonfire

Setup your first customer success team

Speak to any founder or entrepreneur and they will tell you that your first team is critical. At InsideSelling we know that setting up your first customer success team can be challenging, especially if you are oblivious to the customer success ecosystem. Having setup customer success teams for multiple organizations in the past, we know a thing or two about setting up a new team. Not only will we help you setup your customer success process, we can help you setup your first customer success team. 

Gym Coach

Coach your existing customer success team

As a discipline, customer success has been around barely for 10 years. So it is not surprising that many customers success leaders and teams alike don't know where to go for help. From fixing flaws in the existing process to training individual customer success managers, there is a lot that goes into customer success coaching. Good news is, we have done it before. 

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