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Are you missing out on these non-text marketing strategies?

Getting results from SEO can depend largely no how well written your content is.

In addition, the success of your content also depends on how well you distribute that content. While there are plenty of well thought out strategies that go with text content, distributing your non-text content is equally important.

Non-text content distribution strategy

If you don’t have non-text content, start today. The future is videos, podcasts and live streaming on your favorite social media platform.

Here are 3 non-text content distribution strategies you can start working on today.


40 percent of Americans age 12 or older have listened to a podcast at some point. The number of active podcasts listeners in America is now 67 million. That is 67 million people you could potentially target and based on your marketing research you can narrow that down to target the right customer persona.

Using podcasts for marketing

While the statistics are impressive. The reality is that not every organisation has invested in starting their own podcasts. This means that podcasts are a potentially untapped source of traffic.

If you start now, you are already going to move ahead of the competition by the time they tune in.

An additional source to boost traffic to your website via voice is to upload your podcasts on websites like SoundCloud. This will make sure that you are not restricting yourself to device (mobile mainly) podcast listeners but also helps you tap into casual listeners on the web.

Social media channels

Instagram and Snapchat are fast becoming the ‘in’ thing with the younger generation. Instagram and Snapchat have nearly 800 million active users world-wide (the numbers seem to vary depending on which source you chose for your information).

Both Instagram and Snapchat allow users to stream live video and this is a great way to offer small nuggets of information to users.

Snapchat and Instagram are particularly effective if you are trying to target people that are below the age of 40. No surprise that so many products that are targeted around ‘youth’ are on these platforms.

Streaming aside, Instagram is amazing if you are running image based marketing campaigns or have image based campaigns running on Google.


YouTube is probably the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when we talk about distributing video content.

Make no mistake, YouTube is king when it comes to distributing videos.

However, you can also play smart and upload podcasts with slide show/presentations on YouTube. This will avoid replication and allow you to turn out content much faster.

Another thing that will help drive traffic to your website, is utilizing the description section below the video for links to your website and other marketing initiatives like podcasts.

YouTube aside, you can also distribute video via a dedicated vlog on your website. This ensures you have repeat visitors to your website and don’t have to rely on YouTube for content distribution alone.

Apart from the three sources we have discussed above, you can also consider traditional text based methods for marketing. When we say traditional we mean old fashion pamhplets and flyers.

They are making a comeback in the US and based on your customer persona, you might want to explore them as a content distribution source.

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