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Meet The Team


Rajiv Sharma

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Rajiv has helped multiple organizations realize their revenue goals. With over 15 years experience in sales and having carried multi-million dollar quota, Rajiv is adept in setting up inside sales teams from scratch. 

Rajiv has been part of multiple 'first teams' for well funded organizations including BroswerStack, Kayako and Hiver. 

Rajiv's true passion apart from sales is poker and he hopes to retire as a poker professional one day. 


Junaid Mohammed

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Junaid is an experienced customer success professional who has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and also successful startups like CloudCherry and Hiver.


With over 10 years experience in customer success, Junaid is an expert at setting up customer success teams from scratch.

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Inside sales and customer success consulting

Sales is easy.. said every founder before they failed at it!

At InsideSelling we believe in sharing what we have learnt and learning with you. We did not move into consulting because we had nothing better to do, we are into consulting because we know exactly what to do. 

With our collective quota reaching the high millions and having helped multiple organizations reach series A and beyond, the team at is here to help you meet your revenue goals. From coaching your existing team to setting up your first team, we can you meet your goals!

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