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3 software you cannot ignore for your sales process

Sales process design is a challenge. Every SaaS product has its own nuances and specific selling methods that are never the same for each organisation. Add to that, the different sales team structures that are thrown in, you have a puzzle with a thousand small pieces to fit in!

3 software you cannot ignore for your sales process

While designing a sales process, we always believe in keeping scale in mind.

Some of the most essential processes that allow sales teams to scale are usually overlooked when designing a sales process. This ranges from HR software to software that makes the sales team’s life simpler. Here are 3 essential software that will help your sales team’s lives simpler and also help you scale when you need to.

Recruiting software

We cannot stress how important it is to invest in a decent recruiting software. When building larger sales teams, there is always a question: “Where have we gotten our best sales individuals from?”. In addition, the golden question: “Are referrals working for us?”

Unless you have invested in a decent recruiting software and can track the evolution of a sales individual from hiring sources to how well they did in a certain stage of the interview, you are always playing guess.

The irony is, most organisations do invest in a recruiting software but only use it like a database tool where they can store all the resumes they collect!

If you already have a recruiting software but still don’t know how to pick valuable information from it, now is the time to invest in some training for your recruiting team.

Lead enrichment software

Massively underrated: two words that describe lead enrichment software.

Most companies will see this as a 'good to have' software or an additional expense. The reality is, work backwards and calculate how much time your sales team is spending in finding user profiles. It is far cheaper to invest in a lead enrichment software than let your team spend hours finding details on the prospect they are about to speak to.

There is however one other case scenario that most organisations don’t want to talk about or dread. What if your sales team is taking shortcuts and simply not bothering to do the research? This means you are losing deals because you know very little about your prospect and have no idea if he is even the right person to be talking to!

Mail tracking software

Some CRMs have a rudimentary version of mail tracking software in built. However, for a sales team to truly know if they are making progress with their cold emailing campaign or even if they want to send out templatized emails, they will need a decent mail tracking software.

While selecting a mail tracking software, we recommend finding one that will allow deep analytics, track link clicks and document opens.

In addition, a good mail tracking system should also allow you to schedule emails to go out if there is no reply from your prospects.

We are sure, there are many more intricacies of sales that deserve attention.

However, investing in these three upfront will get you immediate returns. Feel free to send in your comments via our twitter channel @insideselling

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