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3 goals you can set yourself for 2018!

2017 is gone and 2018 is here. Most people invest in a new year’s resolution list that centres around their own personal goals. There is absolutely nothing wrong in that! However, what makes great professionals is their capability of setting themselves professional and personal goals.

Goals for 2018

Yes, the sky is the limit when it comes to professional goals; we truly believe in having goals that are achievable and measurable. So, here are our top 3 professional goals that you can set yourself as successful sales individuals.

Read more (or start reading!)

We cannot stress how important it is to invest in reading. Pick up anything from leadership books to biographies of people who have excelled in your field. Reading is a habit that will pay off! Don’t like picking up a book? Go for podcasts or audio books.

Invest in reading


We would love to lecture you on how it is important to not waste time in trivial activities like gaming, movies etc. However, the truth is that sales is a sapping profession and requires constant time off to succeed. So, go ahead have your time of fun but don’t forget to invest in your career.


The best way to read is to set yourself quarterly goals. For example, you could set yourself a target to read 3 books by March. Aggressive goals could be 2 books a month. We know of sales individuals that can read multiple books at the same time. The trick is to mix it up!

If you have no idea where to start on your reading, send us a tweet to @insideselling and we will be happy to get you started!

Challenge yourself

No matter how monotonous your job is, there is always room to experiment. No matter how good a sales process you have going, there is always room to experiment. The only way to learn something new is to start trying something new.

Stop sending that boring old email follow up you always do. Try something new but don’t forget to keep it scientific! The only way you will know what is working or what is not working is to track it by statistics.

Smarketing is not just a keyword invented by Hubspot. Try and learn something new when it comes to professional skills. Understand the full sales cycle. The possibilities are endless, challenge yourself to take it to the next level.

Need help on how to challenge yourself? Send us a message we will be happy to offer suggestions.

Make these goals measurable. For example, increase open rate on my emails by 5% in the coming quarter. Again, the idea is to make the challenge a true challenge. 

Give back

Knowledge is pretty much useless if it is sitting in your head. Learn to give back to the community that has made you what you are. Blogs, videos or even career advice. Whatever you think will help, go ahead and do it!

Gve back to your community

If you are wonder, who will listen to me? You will be surprised how even the smallest bit advice can help. The simplest way to do this is to start your own blog. Blogging is free and does not require anything more than your time. Videos are also a great way to get on with it! All you need is a laptop and a decent microphone.

Here is wishing everyone a great 2018!

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