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4 websites that can make your content viral

We wrote about how you need to create a buyer persona before you start working on your marketing plan. Once you have your buyer persona in place, you can work to target your persona via different content distribution channels and make sure your message gets to your prospective buyers.

While the distribution method you chose will rely on your buyer persona, We have a list of 4 websites that can help your content go viral.

Content distribution channels

What is important to remember is that not all these distribution channels will be useful to you (based on buyer personas) so make sure you expend your money and time on the right channels.


A common myth about Twitter is that the 160 character limitation makes it unfit for content distribution, this is far from the truth. Twitter is a true cross persona content distribution channel. It works for both B2C and B2B campaigns.

In addition, Twitter allows you to promote tweets at targeted audiences which makes sure you don't end up spamming the wrong target audience. This is ideal if you don't have a large Twitter following and are looking push your content to as many target individuals as possible.

The downside is that Twitter does not allow you to fine tune your ads based on age, location etc. You are essentially relying on Twitter's AI to distribute your tweets. Having said this, Twitter is looking to improve this with future releases.

More information on promoted tweets can be found here.


User base: Close to 350 million, 259 million monthly active

Ideal campaign: B2B and B2C

Mobile friendliness: High



While Facebook is not considered an ideal distribution medium for B2B campaigns, you have to remember that at the end of the day your target are people. Which means that if they have a Facebook account (highly likely), you should invest in Facebook.

Target the right audience

The biggest advantage of Facebook over all the competition is that Facebook allows you to chose your target audience to the 'T'. You can make sure your ads are displayed based on demographics. The downside is that like Twitter, Facebook has a bidding system and some ads can cost quite a lot of money.

However, if you are not looking to invest a lot of money to start with Facebook is worth the investment purely due to it's user base. Facebook claims to have 1.3 billion active monthly users. No other network gets even close.


User base: 2.01 billion, 1.15 billion daily active, 83 million fake profiles?

Ideal campaign: B2B and B2C

Mobile friendliness: High​



LinkedIn allows you to promote posts via LinkedIn Pulse. In addition, you can also share your content and any reposts will also direct traffic to your website. You can also republish your content on LinkedIn and link to your website.

LinkedIn is not a good distribution channel if you are targeting a B2C audience as LinkedIn is professional network and people tend to flag inappropriate content (in addition to unfollowing you!)


User base: Close to 500 million

Ideal campaign: B2B

Mobile friendliness: Medium​



Yes, it's not the prettiest and certainly not the easiest to get around but Reddit is a marketer's dream location. If you can find the right subReddits for your content, your content can literally take off.

Remember, Reddit hates spammers so don't waste people's time on Reddit, your submission might be down-voted really quickly. If your content is useful, visitors start up-voting your content and boom!

A downside of Reddit is that nearly 42% of all traffic is from the US. If you are targeting a US audience great! If not, you might find Reddit not working out too well for you. In fact, Reddit has a negligible user base in the Asia region and most of central Europe.

In addition, Reddit is popular in a particular age group which is majorly made of people below 35.


User base: 1.5 billion visits on a monthly basis.

Ideal campaign: B2C and some B2B campaigns

Mobile friendliness: Low​


We have left out some notable mentions like Medium from the list but you can always look into more than just Medium. Remember, nothing can truly replace well written content.

You don't just need good content for vitality, you also need it for Google indexing. Google's AI is getting smarter everyday and you want to make sure every bit of content you put out there is quality.


No matter how good your distribution channel is, the content has to stand out for it to go viral.


Disclaimer: All brands use in this blog are Trademarks of their respective organisations. has published this content in the true spirit of neutrality and we have not received a single dollar from any of the websites mentioned in this blog post.

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