Why Inbound Inside Sales?

Traditional Inside sales is limited to working on qualified leads. The inbound sales methodology allows sales leaders to work with marketing teams and work ahead of the curve. No longer do sales leaders have to wonder about where there next lead is going to come from. Using the inbound sales methodology, sales leaders can understand and appreciate the intricacies involved in bringing inbound leads to an organisation. 

Predictable Growth

             Negative churn not just churn               

Any business owner knows that churn is the biggest bane to an organisation. With the cost of customer acquisition nearly 4 times that of getting repeat business. It makes sense investing in a business model around negative churn. We can help your sales team move from a close and forget methodology to a close and delight methodology. 

Measurable Results

Measure, don't guess

So is MRR really the best metric to measure your inside sales team's success? What about all the repeat business they are getting? Is all recurring revenue the same? Are all acquired customers the same?


Don't worry! We can help your organisation establish a measurable framework for success. Not only do we know what to keep our eyes on, we can prove our methods are working!

Marketing + Sales = Success!

The cornerstone of the Inbound philosophy is that sales and marketing have to get along. In fact, a true inbound inside sales team works hand in hand with the marketing team to make sure that revenue is a shared goal. 

Through our blog posts and podcasts we hope to be able to spread our philosophy and show how any organisation can easily increase revenue by making sure that their sales and marketing teams are aligned towards a single goal.

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